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sexy blond bombe

Me on top.

Making love outdoors.My name is Lara :)I love to laugh, swim naked in the ocean, read books and meet with my friends. I love to see you in the eyes . touch your lips and whisper dirty words .

many, many, many, still discovering new ones!

many can carry it .?

Come and I will teach You everything You ever wanted to know about sex. I'm a pleaser :) LET ME PLEASE YOU !

Fetishes ! :) My fetish personally is being able to turn you on, i have this obsession for turing any and everybody on. idk what it is but when i say or do something while were talking and i get you hard :) little dicks, small dicks, white dicks, black dicks, blue balls ;P let me help you with that. as far as your fetishes ? TELL ME ! i have only been camming since Jan.2013 and before that i lived in a very sheltered household, so doing this and hearing about everyones different fetishes are amazing :) tabboo, feet, toes, ect. if i can do itand turn you on :) thats my fetish you help me and help you :)

Fantasies: i Love to role play, putting myself into any situation given and being turned on by them :) such as: you fucking me ? how would you do it? where would you like to cum? don't know yet? try anywhere cum on my pretty face, my bubbly ass or my perky titts :) Hello there! Please tell me how tempting and lustful I am. Just close Your eyes and imagine all the things I'm about to do for You. Now You should compare the result with reality...and visit my private room if You like


Intelligent, handsome men.

Blow Jobs Are Good

Blow Jobs Are Good